Eladrin of mystery hiding a cloudy past.


Lesallai Lollanthas aka Leslie aka Les aka ‘L’
Level 3 Hybrid Bard / Assassin
Medium fey humanoid (Eladrin)

Initiative +5; Passive Senses Perception 15, Insight 15; low-light vision

AC 18; Fortitude 14, Reflex 16, Will 17
HP 31; Bloodied 15; Healing Surge 7
Surges Per Day 7; Surges Used 0
Saves +5 vs. Charm
Speed 6; Action Points 1; Bennies 1

Str 8 (-1/+0) Dex 18 (+4/+5) Wis 10 (+0/+1)
Con 12 (+1/+2) Int 14 (+2/+3) Cha 16 (+3/+4)
Background Occupation – Hired Killer (General) – Gain a +2 Bonus to Stealth.
Alignment Unaligned; Languages Common, Elven

Trained Skills Acrobatics +10, Arcana +10, Bluff +10, Stealth +12, Streetwise +9, Thievery +10 ( +12 with Thieves Tools)

Feats Hybrid Talent (Shadow Step) : Gain Assassin’s Shadow Step At-Will Power; Bard of all Trades : +3 to all untrained skills.

Possessions Longsword, Short sword, Dagger, Adventurer’s Kit, Thieves Tools, Leather Armor, Lute, 2gp

Racial Traits Trance (meditate aware 4 hours instead of sleep), Eladrin weapon prof. (prof. with Longswords), Eladrin education (training in additional skill), Fey Step, Fey Origin
Class Features Majestic Word (Hybrid), Skill Versatility, Hybrid Bard Will, Assassin’s Shroud (Hybrid), Hybrid Assassin Fort, Shadow Step
Theme Athasian Minstrel – Secondary Role Striker; Power Source Martial;Granted Power You gain the Poison Strike power.
Boon Veiled Alliance Mystery

Power Descriptions

At-Will Spells

Mental Tools
Wild Talent Cantrip
From thought, you create matter, equipping yourself with the simple tools you need.
Minor ActionPersonal
Effect: You create a simple tool you can hold in one hand. The object appears in your hand or at your feet. You cannot use the object to attack or hinder another creature. The object lasts until the end of the encounter or until you use this power again.

Arcane Defiling
Arcane Feature
You draw upon the vitality of nearby life to fuel your magic, heedless of the harm you cause to the land and your allies.
At-WillArcane, Necrotic
Free ActionPersonal
Trigger: You make an attack roll or a damage roll as part of an arcane daily attack power.
Effect: You can reroll the triggering roll but must use the second result. In addition, each ally (willing or unwilling) within 20 squares of you takes necrotic damage equal to half his or her healing surge value. This damage ignores immunities and cannot be reduced in any way.
Special: You can use this effect once for any arcane daily attack power you use, affecting any single attack roll or the damage roll for that power.

Assassin’s Shroud
Assassin Feature
You cause invisible shrouds to settle on your foe. At your command, the shrouds reveal the target’s weak points to your keen gaze.
Free ActionClose Burst 10
Target: One enemy you can see in burst.
Effect: You subject the target to your shroud. If any of your shrouds are already on the target, you subject it to an additional shroud, up to a maximum of four. The shrouds last until you use this power against a different enemy or until the end of the encounter. Before you make an attack roll against the target, you choose to invoke either all your shrouds on it or none of them. If you invoke your shrouds, the attack deals 1d6 damage per shroud, minus one shroud if the attack misses, and all your shrouds then vanish from the target. This damage roll never benefits from bonuses to damage rolls, and is in addition to the attack’s damage, if any.
Level 11: 1d6 + 3 damage per shroud.
Level 21: 1d6 + 6 damage per shroud.
Special: You can use this power only on your turn and only once per turn.
Hybrid: You may only use two shrouds on an enemy at a time.

Shadow Step
Assassin Feature
You vanish into the shadow energy around one creature and then step out of it near another creature.
At-WillShadow, Teleportation
Move ActionPersonal
Requirement: You must be adjacent to a creature.
Effect: You teleport 3 squares to a square adjacent to a different creature.
Level 11: Teleport 4 squares.
Level 21: Teleport 5 squares.

Shadow Storm
Assassin Attack 1
Your tie to the Shadowfell calls on the living shadows around your foe, causing them to claw at it as you make your attack.
At-WillShadow, Weapon
Standard ActionMelee Weapon
Target: One Creature
Attack: Dexterity vs. AC (+9 vs AC)
Hit: 1[d8] + Dexterity modifier (5) damage, plus 1 damage for each creature adjacent to the target.
Level 21: 2[W] + Dexterity modifier damage, plus 2 damage for each creature adjacent to the target.

Guiding Strike
Bard Attack 1
Your weapon stroke guides your allies, showing them where to focus their attacks.
At-WillArcane, Weapon
Standard ActionMelee Weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Charisma vs AC (+8 vs AC)
Hit: 1[d8] + Charisma modifier (4) damage, and the target takes a -2 penalty to the defense of your choice until the end of your next turn.
Level 21: 2[W] + Charisma modifier damage.

Encounter Spells

Majestic Word
Bard Feature
You utter words laden with preternatural inspiration, restoring your ally’s stamina and making wounds seem insignificant.
EncounterArcane, Healing
Minor ActionClose Burst 5 (10 at 11th level, 15 at 21st level)
Target: You or one ally in burst
Effect: The target can spend a healing surge and regain additional hit points equal to your Charisma modifier. You also slide the target 1 square.
Level 6: 1d6 + Charisma modifier additional hit points.
Level 11: 2d6 + Charisma modifier additional hit points.
Level 16: 3d6 + Charisma modifier additional hit points.
Level 21: 4d6 + Charisma modifier additional hit points.
Level 26: 5d6 + Charisma modifier additional hit points.
Special: You can use this power twice per encounter, but only once per round. At 16th level, you can use this power three times per encounter, but only once per round.
Hybrid: You may use this power once per encounter.

Poisoned Strike
Athasian Minstrel Feature
You splash a few drops of poison on your weapon from a vial at your belt and slash at your foe. The pain can bring your target to it’s knees.
EncounterMartial, Poison, Weapon
Standard ActionMelee or Ranged Weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Primary Stat [Dexterity] vs AC (+9 vs AC)
Hit: 1[d8] damage plus 5 poison damage. Until the end of your next turn, if the target willingly moves more than 2 squares or makes an attack, it then falls prone, and it is immobilized until the end of it’s next turn.
Level 11: 2[W] damage plus 5 poison damage.
Level 21: 3[W] damage plus 5 poison damage.

Fey Step
Eladrin Racial Power
With a step, you vanish from one place and appear in another.
Move ActionPersonal
Effect: Teleport up to 5 squares.

Inspiring Refrain
Bard Attack 1
Your weapon hums with an arcane song that helps guide nearby allies to glory.
EncounterArcane, Weapon
Standard ActionMelee Weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: +8 vs. AC
Hit: 2[d8] + Charisma modifier (4) damage, and each ally within 5 squares of you gains a +1 power bonus to attack rolls until the end of your next turn.

Concealed Weapon
Athasian Minstrel Utility 2
You have learned how to keep a weapon completely hidden from searching eyes.
Minor ActionPersonal
Target: One weapon you are holding.
Effect: The target weapon is invisible until the end of the encounter or until you attack with it. The first target attacked with a weapon affected by this power grants you combat advantage for that attack.
Prerequisite: Athasian Minstrel

Inescapable Shadow
Assassin Attack 3
You step from your foe’s shadow, driving your blade into the foe before it can make a sound.
EncounterShadow, Teleportation, Weapon
Standard ActionMelee 1
Effect: Before the attack, you teleport 5 squares to a square adjacent to your assassin’s shroud target.
Target: Your assassin’s shroud target
Attack: Dexterity vs. AC (9 vs. AC)
Hit: 2[W] Dexterity modifier damage. (2d8 5)

Daily Spells

Grave Spike
Assassin Attack 1
As you strike your foe, your weapon shoots hundreds of tiny shadow spikes into it, wracking it with pain.
DailyShadow, Weapon
Standard ActionMelee Weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Dexterity vs AC (+9 vs AC)
Hit: 2[d8] + Dexterity modifier (5) damage, and ongoing 5 damage (save ends). Whenever the target takes this ongoing damage, the target falls prone.
Miss: Half damage.
Effect: Until the end of the encounter, you gain a +2 power bonus to attack rolls against the target while your shrouds are on it.

Veiled Alliance Mystery
Boon 3
Through misdirection and concealing magic, you obscure your spellcasting.
Free ActionPersonal Self
Trigger: You use an arcane power.
Effect: You become invisible until the end of your next turn, and you can shift 1 square.


+1 Mystery of the Hidden Veil
Boon 3
Property: You gain a +1 item bonus to Bluff checks.
Power: You can use the Veiled Alliance Mystery Daily Power

Amulet of Psychic Interference
Item 5
A shrunken head carved from bone hangs from a rough twine. It animates and cackles madly when you call on its power.
Price: 1000 gp
Item Slot: Neck
Enhancement: +1 Fortitude, Reflex, Will
Property: You make saving throws to end charm, fear, or psychic effects at the start of your turn. If you fail any of these saving throws, you do not make a saving throw to end that effect at the end of your turn.
Power (Daily, Psychic): Immediate Reaction. Trigger: An enemy you can see hits or misses you using a power that has the charm, fear, or psychic keyword. Effect: The triggering enemy takes 10 psychic damage.

Skybound Armor
Level 5 Uncommon
This armor constantly flows like clouds across a gray sky and gives its wearer a feeling of weightlessness when moving.
Price: 1,000 gp
Armor: Cloth, Leather
Enhancement: +1 AC
Power (Encounter): Free Action. Use this power when you make an Athletics check to jump. You jump an additional number of squares equal to this armor’s enhancement bonus. This jump can exceed your normal movement.

Height: 5’11” Weight: 120 lbs Age: 23
Eyes: Blue Hair: Platinum Blond Skin: Pale

Let me tell you all a story…

There once was a young man born of a poor family. He lived a fair and just life, he loved his parents and his sisters. The boy knew the hardships and necessity of stealing for food, having to do what was necessary to make ends meet. Even though the boy was good of heart and spirit even he found the necessity of taking what you had to when you needed to.

The young man’s childhood was as they all are: full of tumbles, laughter, joy and hard lessons. He took up the trade of a baker after his mother but still understood the necessity of theft in the name of survival. He was accomplished at his trade by the age of 15, dare I say accomplished at both of his trades by the age of 15. However he made up for his simple illegal transgressions of stealing necessities and living expenses by giving back to his community. He loved to give his baked goods to those less fortunate as he.

This is how he met the love of his life, a young woman who was also no stranger to the world of hardship. She had been cast out from her family and was now on the streets. He fed her and fell in love with her and took her into his home. She had a knack for pottery and together they began to make a solid living with their fresh baked goods and ceramics. Every so often however, when things looked tight, unbeknownst to his love he would venture out to his secondary source of income and rescue their business. He still was not proud of his actions, but it was a living, and the two of them lived very comfortably…

Until the day I was paid a good sum of money to kill him.


You see I was raised much like this young baker, I loved my family, I was poor, I learned early that sometimes to make it through life you had to do unpleasant things. I was gifted in the art of expression and made my wages from an early day with dance, story and song. Of course, much like the baker I also had a secret… A secret trade that truthfully makes much more than the cup of copper at the end of a performance. You see, I am exquisitely adept at the art of defilement and murder.

The truth behind how it came to pass that I would be so adept with a knife in my hand is honestly rather simple. My first kill wasn’t even that difficult, it was just a matter of competition. I was competing against a sitar playing young woman for an audience with a local noble to hopefully earn a job playing at the gala that was to be held for the nobleman’s birthday. My rival had heard of me and decided to go cut-throat with the competition, literally.

She seduced me, inviting me to spend the night in her bed and enjoy the pleasures therein. I obliged, naturally, and joined her. We had an exquisite evening and after we lay resting she rolled away from me toward her nightstand to get her comb while asking where I had learned to play an instrument so well. Before I could react she swung quickly back to me, knife in hand and plunged it toward my heart.

The tip of the dagger touched cloth and bed but by the time it struck it’s destination I was not there having used my peoples gift to maneuver around her. I felt the choking cold of the shadows around me and I did something strange. Instead of defiling the area with the arcane talent that had gotten me banished from my home, I reached out for the shadows in the room like I would the life essence of my surroundings to power my arcane strength, the very strength that she underestimated me having. The shadows responded differently from draining life-force, instead they cloaked me, responding to my speed and will and before I knew it I was behind her, our nude bodies pressed together in a much more intimate embrace than the one we held just moments prior… The intimacy of death.

I found no weapon to use at hand, so instead I conjured weapons of shadow and pierced her flesh. Her life’s blood spilled like a torrent from her throat as I held her close to keep her from struggling as she sputtered and coughed out her last breath. I mused at the uncanny scene before me, watching as a bronze-skinned woman bled out into… darkness. The room was cold and it only grew darker the longer I concentrated. The shadows bent to my will and they consumed her corpse. There was no murder weapon, there was no witness, the room was filled with shadow and so I dressed and left in the best manner possible, I stepped through reality here and there and through the shadow itself whenever I needed. No one noticed the Eladrin flee the scene.

From that day on I focused on my inherent skill with shadows and arcana alike, wielding them like dual blades and filling me with a helix of destructive power. I am content with my life as an entertainer. However, much like the baker, when times get rough or I want better than sandy dirt to rest my head on, I inquire upon any jobs that could be open for the killer known as “L”. To you I am the bard known as Lesallai, to my victims I am but a shadowed figured bringing a swift and silent end to their life’s song.

I have been deemed a danger to my home, an outcast, and an anathema. I have been called ‘lover,’ ‘friend’ and ‘monster.’ and I have been hidden behind masks from the day I stumbled into my well of arcana and shadow, but that is a story for another day and I’m sure I will gladly share with you the pieces of the puzzle in due time.

Please don’t misunderstand, I’m no monster, I would never kill a child for any sum, I have my own rules about what jobs I take and which ones I don’t. But like the thieving baker, I simply must employ my own talents to my better end. Luckily the baker’s end wasn’t too messy, the poisons took root swiftly and he never truly saw it coming.


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