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Playing D&D in a chat-based environment requires a few tricks.

(Adapted from I I I)

1) Anything your character attempts gets * asterisks * on either side:

  • GnomeSplosion > * Les creeps up behind the demi-lich, hoping to catch a peek at what it is writing. *
  • DarthKrzysztof > * Rayne searches the refectory for religious icons. *
  • Nate_The_Great > * Vrack takes a running start to leap over the pit. *

2) Any dialog goes in “quotes.” If it isn’t obvious who is speaking, or to whom, use the character name(s). You can also add physical business with the asterisks:

  • GM > The raider says, “Your ceramic or your life!”
  • DarthKrzysztof > “Die…silently.”
  • GnomeSplosion > * Les speaks in a stage whisper to Vrack * “I know this music. Let’s…change…the beat.”
  • Luke > * Clavis draws his bow. * “To arms!”

3) Out-of-Character conversation goes in (parentheses).

  • GM > * The gaj swings its sharp appendages at Vrack! *
  • GM > (Does 16 hit?)
  • Nate_The_Great > (No, AC 18)
  • GM > * But the creature clangs up against his armor. *
  • GM > Shadows lurk in the many corners of the old warehouse.
  • Luke > (Can I see anyone in here?)
  • GM > (Roll Perception)
  • Luke > (13)
  • GM > (Looks clear.)
  • Luke > * Clavis strides boldly into the center of the large room. *

We’ll be trying to use MapTool. Hopefully, it will be a smooth combat interface. Also, for GM to Player notes (and vice versa), we can use AIM, Y!IM, or something like that.

Finally, I trust you to roll your own dice, but if you would rather “make your rolls in the open,” we can use an AIM chat window for its dice-rolling script. To generate random numbers, type this script in an AIM chat window will generate random numbers:


So, if you need to roll 1d20, type //roll-dice1-sides20. Please note that this won’t work in an IM window, or in Yahoo! Messenger, just an AIM chat window.


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