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Dear Sis,

It still startles me when I feel your power our power. I never asked for it but it saved my life tonight… You saved my life tonight, I only wish it didn’t make me feel so different. Do you remember when mother and father found us singing and weaving the arts together? They were so angry! I still want to blame them for it, but these days I realize that they were only scared. We didn’t do it again, but it was so wonderful to see.

I remember the contrasts, the light of the worlds life spiraling from me at my command, the darkness of your learning twisting around it, cloaking it in shade and twisting with it. When we embraced with our opposite forces, the affect was astounding, you glowed by my light despite the shadow and I’m sure I was under the opposite affect. I remember looking over your shoulder and seeing thousands of shades, mimicking us across the yard and against the trees and bushes… As they died.

I was always gifted with the defilement; I know mother tried to hone my control of it to keep me out of trouble, to keep it in control but that just made me want to use it more. We were young, we were stupid and ignorant to the consequences, mother and father knew everything and they just wanted to keep us safe. We were caught and stopped and we didn’t do it again… For a very long time.

I felt your presence within me this day, it’s always there but it’s faint. We spoke with a fire spirit who wrote on stone. Half of the others could not read its writing, but I could so I translated for them. It is bound to this place until another Green Age. Good luck spirit, you’ll need it more than we will if that is the case. Kikrik, the overly timid one chittered and spoke uncomfortably when he realized that the spirit was not going to do him harm. He seemed confused by its genuine politeness. I enjoyed the conversation with it, even though I knew that should I need to I would make this small haven of its much deader if I had to defend myself.

Clavis disturbs me and I trust him least of all. He is quiet and apparently is familiar with spirits as this one spoke with him in a rather familiar manner. He shows very little emotion other than disgruntled annoyance and even though half of my smiles are fake, I never trust anyone who cannot be touched by song. He spoke with the spirit at short length and we discovered that it is under an impression that something great stirs the sand and wind.

Vrack was startled and confused by the revelation that the spirit was once living. I tried to explain that it was once alive and the concept was alien to him. I tried again to explain that it was once like man or woman. He seemed to grasp a little better and declared that he has hopes that his spirit of flame will one day be a bonfire. Stupid, but endearing this one.

We hadn’t had a chance to finish talking with the spirit before it warned us that it thought it brought us harm and vanished. We all cursed our luck and readied for the fight as giant insectoids, I think called Kanks, rose to the ground and began lurching at us with massive mandibles. They caught the poor human girl Rayne first. I was swift to act though and moved to the creature and began calling the planet’s life to my blades and attacking but it wasn’t enough.

My strength alone wasn’t enough sister, I felt your our strength well up and I unleashed it. The world hurt my eyes and it upset me, I swear I wept so angry was I. I lashed out calling your shadow down onto the things, striking at them with the shadows of others. I moved and moved again trying to ease the welling pain and sorrow in my heart with their death cries. When the fight was over I had to breath for a few moments, I haven’t utilized this much of your our art in a while. I had to sit in the shade of a stone for a moment to catch my breath. I heard the others panting and pained groans. I looked down and realized I was completely unscathed. I cleared my eyes and walked to them to inspect the injured.

We heard the storm again and Clavis suggested we move now. I looked at Vrack who nearly whimpered that he needed a few moments to rest and then to Kikrik and Rayne who seemed to need the same. I then told Clavis that being exhausted in the desert would be no better than being caught in the storm of black glass. He grudgingly agreed to a moment’s rest before continuing on. I’m glad he listened to reason, otherwise I’m afraid my perception of him would have worsened still. I noticed that the spirit left a final etching “Master and slave, which is which?” in the ground. I didn’t understand what it meant but decided to file this away for a later date. We got everything together, Vrack shouldered our burden, the others blazed a trail and we carried on through the wicked desert.

It was grueling and I nearly faltered if it weren’t for the others keeping me moving. Finally we met the edges of the badlands and while I was relieved to be out of the sand, the heat was like a kiln. We trudged on but I had a rough time of it, it is never this hot back home and there is always something to use for shade. We marched until it began to darken and cool and I was extremely grateful for the both. We found an outcropping of stones and a few brushes and bramblethorn and began to sit for a rest. We all needed to sleep.

Kikrik… Made a joke! He, seeming least distressed by the march than the rest of us, commented on our age with a chitter of amusement. Recalling what I have heard of the thri-kreen and their longevity I teasingly retorted that he wouldn’t live half as long as I am old now. Unfortunately this washed him in confusion, I could see fear in his features and the beginning of a misunderstanding. Kikrik is too jumpy. I tried to ease his discomfort with some physical reassurance that he was just fine and told him he was too nervous, but he jumped and chittered as I did, which caused me to laugh rather hard.

I don’t know if it was the laughter, or that the area was a trap, but we were ambushed and your presence was needed once more. This time though, I fear I may have shown my hand. Goblins and a drake attempting to steal our goods attacked from high above, cursing us, firing arrows and swooping among us. I took out the drake as swiftly as I could, my arcane art failed me so I once again resorted to stepping through reality and to the lizard and forcing painful shadow into its wounds, killing it. This angered its goblin companions who soared through the air and shot me a grievous wound. I staggered and climbed out of harm’s way to bolster myself as the others fought on.

I rejoined the fray to see Vrack power his way, leaping through the air across the stone-tops to smash one of the offending goblins to the ground. It was glorious, warriors like him are few and far between. The goblin smashed into the ground and I went after him. I slipped, neither of our strength could fix that and I fell to the ground cramping my back for a moment. Upon my fall I was sure I heard Rayne call to me in concern. Odd, I have not heard concern in a voice in so long, not since you and I were last together, it was welcome and painful at the same time. I replied that I was fine but my voice was dark and cold I’m sure. I could see your our shadows spilling from my mouth as I spoke and my eyes locked on the goblin before me.

I could feel you inside me, welling up, the goblin was before me and I felt the eyes of the others on my back. Part of me tried to hold you down but it was no use. The goblin looked up at me for a brief moment and I was reminded of the first time I realized that you had given me more than my life back back then. Shadow darted from me, formed knives and as I sunk my dark sword into the beast all of the shadow consumed it with black blades like the ones that chased us in the sky. I heard a gasp from behind me up on the rocks as I watched our shadows devour the goblin shaman. I couldn’t turn to look at them, the game was up.

You saved me sister, of that I can never repay you. You gave me something and while it continues to empower me sometimes I wonder what cost I paid. I miss you still, you were the only one I ever trusted. Now I must find a new way. I will continue along with these new companions, who knows, maybe I’ll trust again. I love you sis.

-Your twin, Lesallai

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Lesallai Entry 2

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