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A Desert Primer

“The Tablelands are arid, hot, and barren. Even on windless days, the sky is filled with a yellow-green haze of floating silt. The crimson sun blazes with merciless intensity, and the breeze feels like the hot breath of the Dragon itself.”

-The Wanderer’s Journal

Athas is a desert world, but that doesn’t mean the planet is uniformly covered with sand or barren wastes. Deserts come in many forms. Some are habitable, some are brutal killing grounds, and some are wastelands that seem empty but are full of hidden life. Knowing the types of deserts one might encounter while traveling across Athas is a vital survival skill – one that might mean the difference between a successful journey and a hard death in the wilds.

Boulder Fields Dust Sinks Mountains Mudflats Rocky Badlands
Salt Flats Salt Marshes Sandy Wastes Scrub Plains Stony Barrens

The Tyr Region

The remains of civilization that tenuously clings to life on the harsh world of Athas exists in an area of land known as the Tyr Region, named after the oldest of the city-states. Beyond this area, bordered by a massive chain of peaks known as the Ringing Mountains and the vast Sea of Silt, lie wastelands devoid of civilization and culture.

The Tyr Region still has a number of towns and villages present, but most civilized life is huddled into seven great city-states, each ruled by the ancient and despotic sorcerer-kings. These Seven Cities define life not only for those living in them, but for the rest of the cultures that exist in the expanses between them. What follows is a brief description of the city-states and the other major features of the Tyr Region.

The City-States

Balic Draj Gulg Nibenay Raam Tyr Urik

Towns & Villages


Other Locales

Forest Ridge Ivory Triangle Kalidnay Ringing Mountains Sea of Silt Tablelands


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