Outcast Shaman


Level 3 Shaman (Leader)
Medium Natural Humanoid (Thri-Kreen)
Theme: Elemental Priest
Initiative +2; Passive Senses Perception 20, Insight 20; Low-Light Vision
HP 34; Bloodied 17
Resistance none
Healing Surge 8; Surges Per Day 8
AC 16; Fortitude 13, Reflex 14, Will 16
Speed 7; Action Points 1

Alignment Unaligned; Languages Common, Thri-Kreen
Skills Endurance +9, Insight +10, Nature +12, Perception +10, (Athletics) +3
Background:Out for Revenge (+2 Endurance)
Feats Versatile Expertise (Spears, Totems), Vigorous Spirit
Str 10 (+ 0/+ 1) Dex 12 (+ 1/+ 2) Wis 18 (+ 4/+ 5)
Con 12 (+ 1/+ 2) Int 16 (+ 3/+ 4) Cha 10 (+ 0/+ 1)

Possessions Longspear, Leather Armor, Totem, Adventurer’s Kit, water skin, 5 survival days, Filter Mask, Fire Kit, Dowsing Rod, 50ft hemp rope

Racial Traits Multiple Arms (Once per turn, draw weapon or pull item as a free action), Natural Jumper (all jumps considered to have running start), Torpor (no sleep, 4 hour of Torpor), Thri-Kreen Claws (can use Thri-Kreen Claws attack power)

Class Features Companion Spirit (gain Spirit Companion Power, Elemental Spirit Boon (allies adjacent to spirit gain +2 to saving throws. Can call spirit companion as a free action one per turn if it is not present at the start of the turn.), Healing Spirit (gain Healing Spirit power), Speak with Spirits (+5 to a check)

Basic Attacks

Longspear (standard; at-will) ✦ Weapon +5 vs. AC; 1d10 + 1 (11 + 1d6 on crit) damage.

Power Descriptions

At-Will Powers

Call Spirit Companion Shaman Feature
At-WillConjuration, Primal
Minor Action Close burst 20
Effect: You conjure your spirit companion in an unoccupied square in the burst. The spirit lasts until you fall unconscious, until you dismiss it as a minor action, or until you use this power again. The spirit occupies 1 square. Enemies cannot move through its space, but allies can. When you take a move action, you can also move the spirit a number of squares equal to your speed. The spirit can be targeted by melee or ranged attacks, although it lacks hit points. If a single melee or ranged attack deals damage to the spirit equal to 10 + one-half your level or higher, the spirit disappears, and you take damage equal to 5 + one-half your level. Otherwise, the spirit is unaffected by the attack.

Object Projection Wild Talent Cantrip
Effect: You teleport an object you are holding in one hand to an unoccupied square within 10 squares of you or to a willing creature within 10 squares of you.

Spirit Infusion Shaman Attack 1
At-WillPrimal, Spirit
Standard Action Melee spirit 1
Target: One ally
Effect: Your spirit companion disappears, and the target can make a basic attack with a +2 power bonus to the attack roll and a power bonus to the damage roll equal to your Intelligence modifier (+3).

Spirit of the Tempest Shaman Attack 1
At-WillImplement, Primal, Thunder
Standard Action Melee 1
Target: One Creature
Attack: +7 vs. Fort
Hit: 1D8 + 5 (13 + 1d6 on crit) thunder damage.
Effect: One ally within 2 squares of either you or your spirit companion can make a saving throw.

Spirit’s Wrath Shaman Feature
At-WillImplement, Primal, Spirit
Opportunity Action Melee spirit 1
Trigger: An enemy leaves a square adjacent to your spirit companion without shifting.
Target: The triggering enemy
Attack: +7 vs. Ref
Hit: 1d6 + 4 (10 + 1d6 on crit) damage, and the target grants combat advantage until the end of your next turn.

Encounter Powers

Speak with Spirits Shaman Feature
Minor Action Personal
Effect: During this turn, you gain a bonus to your next skill check equal to your Wisdom modifier (+4)

Healing Spirit Shaman Feature
Encounter (special)Healing, Primal
Minor Action Close burst 5
Effect: The target can spend a healing surge. If the target does so, one ally adjacent to your spirit companion, other than the target, regains 1d6 hit points.

Spirit of Athas Elemental Priest Feature
EncounterConjuration, Implement, Primal
Minor Action Ranged 5
Effect: You conjure a spirit of Athas. You and your allies gain a +1 power bonus to all defenses while adjacent to it. As a standard action, you can dismiss the spirit and make the following melee 1 attack from the spirit’s square.
Target: One enemy
Attack: +7 vs. Ref
Hit: 1D10 + 5 (15 + 1d6 on crit) damage, and the target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls and all defenses until the end of your next turn.

Thri-Kreen Claws Thri-Kreen Racial Power
Minor Action Melee 1
Target: One, Two, or Three Creatures
Attack: +9 vs. AC
Hit: 1d8 + 5 (13 + 1d6 on crit) damage. You get a bonus to the damage roll equal to the number of targets.

Scorching Sands Shaman Attack 1
EncounterFire, Implement, Primal, Spirit
Standard Action Melee spirit 1
Target: One Creature
Attack: +7 vs. Ref
Hit: 1d8 + 5 (13 + 1d6 on crit) fire damage, and the target gains vulnerable 5 fire until the end of your next turn. You and each ally adjacent to your spirit companion can choose to deal fire damage until the end of your next turn. This fire damage replaces an attack's normal damage types.
Effect: Your spirit companion disappears.

Spirit’s Sacrifice Shaman Utility 2
EncounterPrimal, Spirit
Minor Action Area Burst spirit 5
Target: You or one ally in burst
Effect: You dismiss the spirit companion and the target makes a saving throw or gains temporary hit points equal to your Wisdom modifier (+4).

Granite Armor Haman Attack 3
EncounterImplement, Primal, Spirit
Standard Action Melee Spirit 1
Primary Target: One Ally
Effect: Your spirit companion disappears, and the primary target gains resist five to all damage until the end of your next turn. Make an attack that is a close burst one centered on the primary target.
Secondary Target: Each enemy in burst
Attack: +7 vs. AC
Hit: 2D6 + 5 (17 + 1d6 on crit) damage.

Daily Powers

Dust Storm Binding Shaman Attack 1
DailyImplement, Primal, Spirit, Zone
Standard Action Close burst spirit 1
Target: Each Creature in Burst
Attack: +7 vs. Fort
Hit: The target is blinded (save ends)
Miss: The target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of your next turn.
Effect: Your spirit companion disappears. The burst creates a zone that lasts until the end of your next turn. Squares within the zone are heavily obscured. Any enemy that starts its turn within the zone takes 5 damage.
Sustain Minor: The zone persists.

Magic Items

Current XP: 0
Next Level: #


Kikrik trudged behind the rest of his clutch, being forced to carry the heaviest load. They had been wandering for several weeks now, ever since the stupid actions of Th’Ktik, his clutch’s leader, led to the banishment of his entire clutch from the pack. Now the handful of Thri-Kreen that made up his family was on their own.

“We travel north until we get to the steppes,” Th’Ktik yelled out to the group. Unfortunately, Kikrik and probably everyone else knew that Th’Ktik was walking east. Kikrik had expected that their aging patriarch had gone a bit mad with the heat. Noone dared oppose him though…. he might be weak in the mind but he was still by far the strongest in body. Kikrik knew that nothing but open desert spread out in the direction they were heading, and he had little hope of survival for too much longer.

Three days later, most of the clutch was starting to weaken. The supplies had almost run out and they were completely lost in the desert. There had been no sign of life for some time now.

Six more days pass. No supplies left. Two of the clutch had succumbed to heat sickness and died. Kikrik had been moving ahead of the group, his youth keeping him healthier than the rest. He was working his way to the top of a large dune, hoping to be able to see…. anything.

And there it was… a large mesa on the horizon. Kikrik did not know if it would offer food or water, but it might at least offer shade. The group spent the rest of the day making their way to the outcropping.

Getting closer, Kikrik found a narrow canyon cutting through the mesa. The floor of the canyon was shaded by the high walls of the canyon…. and there were plants! Plants meant water and hopefully fruit as well. The entire clutch had a surge of energy as they rushed into the canyon, all the while Th’Ktik bragging that he knew he was leading them to this place of salvation all along.

The group wandered through the canyon, eventually finding that it ended in an open grove in the center of the mesa. A large pool of water covered the right side of the grove, bubbling springs coming up from the bottom. The grove was covered in greenery. None of them had ever seen an oasis this lush with life.

The clutch rushed forward, grabbing fruits by the armful and dunking their heads in the water. It was a joyous moment for all as they began to gorge themselves on the fresh food and water. Kikrik, however, took a moment to appreciate the boon that had been given them. He walked through the grove in awe of the beauty of this place, and he paused in a quiet moment of gratitude to the spirits for saving them.

Then, all at once, a chorus of screams pierced the quiet grove. Dozens of ghostly shapes flew out of the water and the ground, emanating overwhelming feelings of anger and rage. They swirled in the air like a vortex of hate. Everyone in the clutch stood frozen with fear. And then they all stopped still… dozens of elemental spirits hovering over the glade, deathly still. Kikrik could not even breathe as the spirits looked down in judgement on the group.

Then in a flash the spirits flew down to the glade faster than sight. They slammed into the Thri-Kreen with enough force to knock them from their feet. Kikrik watched some of them burst into flames. Others were surrounded in sandstorms that peeled the chitin off their bodies. Th’Ktik had a spirit actually enter his body, and a few moment later his eyes started oozing green sludge and he melted before Kikrik’s eyes. All of this took no longer than a few seconds. And then all at once, the spirits turned to Kikrik, the last of his clutch still alive. He closed his eyes as the spirits rushed him.

And nothing happened. All was quiet for several moments. Kikrik did not know if he was dead or alive, so he opened his eyes slowly.

He was still in the glade, the bodies of his family strewn around him. Ringing the edge of the glade were most of the spirits, hovering in silence. Directly in front of him stood four spirits. The first was pure fire, in the form of a very large ant. Kikrik felt nothing but rage coming from it. Second was a swirling mass of sand, forming the shape of a scarab beetle. Looking at it brought about feelings of revenge. Third, was a form made of thick green smoke, looking like a large scorpion. The emotion coming off of it was one of disgust. And lastly was a large moth hovering in the air, made of pure water. Kikrik could feel this spirit’s sadness and mourning so strongly that he began weeping himself.

The fiery ant spoke to Kikrik through his thoughts. “You are only alive, despoiler, because you show some respect to us. Your kind and all creatures swarming over us are a blight and no longer worthy of existing off of us. The anger we have is absolute. All parasites on this world will die so that we can heal and renew, and you will be an instrument of our vengeance.”

The sand elemental spirit then took over speaking. ” You have no choice in this. You will follow our every command and perform every task as we demand it. If you choose to defy us we will cause you such pain as you have never thought possible. However we will not allow you to die, for then you would no longer be useful.”

Next was the poisonous scorpion spirit. ” You will serve us in all things, despoiler. We will have you exact our revenge without remorse. You will maim and you will kill at our command. Give up all attachment to your people, or any people now, because you no longer will walk among them as one of their kind. “

Lastly was the watery moth. ” The power we will provide will also allow you to heal, and to purify. There will be times when we will lead you to alliances with other creatures, and you will be able to come to their aid. Be mindful that this is only for the greater goal of our renewal, however. Attempt to aid our enemies and you will be punished.”

Kikrik nodded in agreement. The swirling emotions around him had made him sympathetic to the spirits plight. He felt the pain that had been inflicted upon these creatures. He did not want to be a blind servant… but he did relish the thought of being powerful… and of making a difference.

Several weeks later, Kikrik was with a small caravan, travelling between cities. The spirits had sustained him in the desert, but they were harsh masters. He was pushed constantly to move with very little rest. They cared very little for him and he realized he had become merely a tool. He knew that he would not be allowed to die, so he had decided that he would have to earn his master’s respect before his life ever became any easier…..


Original Sin Jasper