Creatures Encountered

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Below is a short listing of creatures encountered (and usually fought) by the party.

Session 1 – Salvage in the Storm
silt runners (darters, inciter, ragers)

Session 2 – Bushwhacked
Spirit of Flame, kanks (soldiers, spitters), goblins (archers, cursespewers, cutters), spiretop drake

Session 3 – Restless
Ralo, ssurran (poisonscale magus), dust devils

Session 4 – Backs to the Wall
ssurrans (poisoncale slitherers, shaman), ankheg, Hawk

Session 5 – Awakening the Dead
gray ooze, corruption corpses, griefmote

Session 6 – Crystals in the Dark
crawling gauntlets, decrepit skeletons, crystal spider, shard golems

Session 7 – Spirited
hejkin (chanters, ravers, sparkers), Corrupted Spirit of Wind (mourning haunt), tomb motes, wisp wraiths, Spirit of Earth, Spirit of Water

Session 8 – And Through the Woods
zairtails (bonebreaker, gazer, swarms), fey panther, gith (hobblers, piercers, spearhead)

Session 9 – Something Worse
dust devil, ssurrans (sandscarred, twisted, greenscale hunter, poisonscale myrmidons), storm shards, The Wastewalker

Creatures Encountered

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