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AKA “Vrack’s Lines”

These are quotes (or paraphrases thereof) from lines uttered by the player characters during gaming sessions. Context is sometimes provided in parentheses.

Session 1 – Salvage in the Storm
“Well met, good sir…ma’am…” -Vrack to Les, during introductions

Session 2 – Bushwhacked
“Vrack hates the desert.” -Vrack
“Sadly, it hates us right back.” -Rayne

Session 3 – Restless
“Longest…day…ever.” -Vrack

Session 5 – Awakening the Dead
“Vrack is glue that holds together.” -Vrack, describing group dynamic to Hawk
“Vrack much better looking.” -Vrack, when compared to Hawk

Session 7 – Spirited
“Aw, silt.” -Rayne swearing

Session 9 – Something Worse
“Sorry, Vrack only speak Normal.” -Vrack, when asked if bilingual

Quotable Quotes

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